Elkins girls pick up 4-1 win over RCB

ELKINS — Elkins ran its winning streak to 10 straight games with a 4-1 victory over Robert C. Byrd Thursday night in Big 10 Conference play at ...

Late season hunting opportunities

As we head into the second half of December, deer season is starting to wind down. Some die hard archery hunters may still be chasing that trophy buck that eluded ...


Give the pencil-pushers in Charleston a little credit: They made a move late last month they spun as a way to reduce unemployment insurance costs for the state’s ...

Enjoy Nature

Throughout our region, many escaped the confines of their homes during the pandemic by heading to a state park. Outdoor activity lends itself to ...

Elks Lodge Makes Donation

D&E raises in rankings

Distinction & Excellence

If asked to describe the opposite of mediocrity, for me it would be distinction and excellence. Those who pursue these two ideals are set apart from others as a ...

Magical Disney experiences

Better off 20 years later?

Senator Joe Manchin on Sunday floated the possibility of establishing a work requirement for people to receive President Biden’s child tax credit stating “that the people should make some effort”.Is Manchin right or wrong?

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