Millennial generation can save hunting

In past columns, I have stated repeatedly there are not enough youth hunters to replace the senior hunters who are leaving this outdoor activity. In the United ...


West Virginians are blessed with thousands of truly great, dedicated school teachers. Many are so concerned with doing their best for our children and grandchildren ...

Boos & Applause

Applause to the Buckhannon Volunteers in Police Service. The volunteers logged in over 3,130 hours in 2019, freeing up city police to handle ...

Senior Legal Aid offering help

Local student named to College of St. Scholastica to Dean’s List

Large tent or smaller base

Reporter’s Notebook: Week One at the Legislature

Surviving well in old age

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping your New Year’s Resolutions were good ones even though they may be very short lived. Statistically speaking, fewer than 10% of ...

How to be a good mentor

Cadets learn about aviation careers

The Secretary of State’s Office says the percentage of Democrats among all registered W.Va. voters has fallen to its lowest level in decades, 39.84 percent. Why do you think this happened?

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