Senior citizens can touch the future now

It’s time to vote yes for the Randolph County School Levy. The polls are open for early voting, and those of us who are retired could vote before March 9 when there was little or no line at the Courthouse Annex on Randolph Avenue. Citizens in Randolph can change their future the way citizens did in 43 other West Virginia counties by passing the school levy.

Now it is our turn to touch the future for Randolph County children. In 1986, when Christa McAuliffe died on the Challenger, teachers were inspired by her words, “I touch the future.”

After years of being a teacher, parent, and grandparent I came to realize that every adult in a community touches the future in different ways. If each child in the county had a grandparent who would vote yes for the levy, all children would benefit, and our future would be brighter.

Yesterday I was talking with a young mother the age of my daughter. She and her husband are from old Randolph County families with last names dating back to our earliest settlers. She told me she was embarrassed to hear the comments made by people who came to a levy meeting with the school superintendent at the school her sons attend.

She loves our valley, and she hopes her sons with be able to live and work here as adults. However, she recognizes that the jobs of the future will require an educated work force. If our schools are not good, we will not attract new businesses and our youngsters will have to go elsewhere to work.

Those of us who own real estate in this county need to remember that the value of their property will increase as the quality of education improves in our county.

The land we own now is our investment in the future, and the future value of that land depends on the qualities of the people who are here in the future. Public education is the best way to improve the work force.

If we keep on losing young families, we will have a future of more poverty and disillusionment.

Now is the time to touch the future by touching yes for the Randolph County School Levy.