Reader ‘terrififed’ by current political climate

Liberals are playing a dangerous and historically ignorant game by demonizing conservatives.

This isn’t ordinary politics: It’s the hysteria preceding arguments for re-education camps.

I count among my good friends several liberals and leftists. Mostly, we never talk about my transition from the Left to the Right. This surprises me because I had assumed that, as friends, they would at least be curious to know why I had dramatically changed my mind about core certainties guiding my morality. I would be curious if they did the same. I would certainly ask them about it.

Based on the few conversations I’ve had, my liberal friends seem to believe that in becoming a social conservative and registered Republican I must have completely abandoned my commitment to disabled people, poor people, children, and other living things and that I have completely lost my mind and need to be locked up. Yet, with the sole exception of abortion, I still help the same vulnerable people with whom I have always helped.

Their anger is frightening. And after years of widespread demonizing of conservatives in the entertainment world and academia, the appetite of leftists and liberals for hating conservatives isn’t abating but metastasizing.

We aren’t having conversations about politics anymore: we haven’t had conversations about politics for a long time now. Liberals and leftists have drawn a circle around any person or thought or presumed thought that isn’t liberal or leftist and labeled that person or thought “Nazi” or “racist” or “homophobic” or “hate.”

If anyone is to blame for the current climate of mindless demonization of conservatives, it is educators: K 12, college professors, and especially the people who create the curricula. At the heart of the demonization of conservatives – and by extension America itself, and white people, and especially white men — is an educational agenda that whirled extreme Socialist rhetoric into mush then spoon-fed to schoolchildren and college students for over 50 years now.

In the years years since I left the Left, I’ve gotten used to the consequences of being a conservative.

But nothing compares to the last 12 months.

I fear for this country and I fear for my fellow conservatives.

It’s a shame I have to wait another 19 months to vote for President Trump. I wish I could do it now. Twice. Or better yet, in as many jurisdictions as I could.

This leads me to another version of “Friday the 13th,” a.k.a. the Democratic presidential candidates.

Kamala Harris, you say? You seriously want me to vote for Kamala Harris? And you say that Cory “Spartacus” Booker is just like Kamala, only better and balder? Are you kidding me? Pete Buttigieg? Ask me again when I stop laughing.

Bernie? Really? This grumpy near-octogenarian “public service” millionaire with three mansions is running for the presidency of the wrong country. All his best ideas have already been put into practice in Venezuela.

Did someone say Warren? Warren, the first Cherokee candidate? Doesn’t she now want reparations not just for African-Americans, but also for Native Americans? Where, oh where, is that lever to pull for Trump?

Biden? It feels like he’s been running for president in every election since Eisenhower. Can he lurch far enough to the left this time, to satisfy the woke police? I doubt it, but it is fun to watch him try.

I am a highly motivated Trump voter because the Democrats have motivated me up to my eyeballs. I have never been more motivated in my life, because the Democrats are terrifying me.

Robert Ware

French Creek