Teter Lake

The Inter-Mountain photos by Shannon Bennett Campbell Teter Lake certainly measures-up to the ‘WOW’-factor. A magnificent scenic spot, it seems to welcome one’s presence.

If the sun’s hot rays are causing cravings for cool ocean waves, but a convincing argument has not been made for packing up and being part of the Eastern shore beach-mania, a surprising solution may exist within an hour’s drive of your home.

An area “Best-Kept Secret” awaits you only a few miles on Rt. 92 North above Belington where at Meadowville a marked country road will direct you to Barbour County’s Teter Lake.

According to a Wikipedia report, a very large 35-acre lake will greet you here and allow for many sporting activities including camping, boating, canoeing, fishing, hiking and hunting. The awesome ramp area built for boats to enter waters also poses a wonderful opportunity for sun-bathing.

Owned by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, this beautiful facility is maintained for public use and is free. Many drive-in daily particularly at this time of year and take advantage of fishing possibilities One can find trout, channel catfish, crappie, and muskellunge. From March to May, trout are stocked every two weeks and catfish are placed in the waters each summer. No minnows may be used.

A life-long Teter Lake fisherman encouraged me to share that lake fishing often requires some patience. He noted that it was a good idea to plan to stay awhile to catch the fish at a time they are biting well or having a feeding-frenzy. This method will usually eliminate any possible disappointment.

A host of anglers distance themselves so fish will not be able to compare baits.

Boating is extremely popular here and night fishing is common. Only electric motors can be used. Residing at the lake is made possible by reserving one of 20 rustic campsites on lake shores. Reservations can be made by calling 304-825-6787.

In the 137 forested acres that surround the lake, children will be delighted to see many small animals that will appear including ducks, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, several bird species and, of course, summer butterflies.

For the many who have been dutiful to provide most family meals in the home kitchen for the past year, a cook-out on the lakeshore might be a welcome treat. Bring a couple of grandmother’s homemade pies and have some hamburgers and hot dogs on the family’s grill.

Catherine Armstrong in her 9/14/2017 “Nature” magazine article points out that this lake is often overlooked as one with much open-air fun. She describes it as a “hikeable lake” and underscores possible enjoyment for those who do not necessarily want to fish or boat.

The spread of this water area allows for privacy and flexibility in activities for family members, and its beauty is difficult to capture in words. Especially now and in autumn, the coloration is especially sought after and stunning.

Bringing a boat to expand chances for a larger fish catch, anglers prepare to leave the shore.

Unlike ocean trips, when the family is tired and weary from a day’s activity, this recreation area offers a quick exit to the main highway and a very short drive to return home. This, in itself, provides a strong argument for having it high on the list of summer visiting destinations.


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