Adventure Lake

Water park at Tygart Lake State Park offers family fun

The Inter-Mountain photos by Shannon Bennett Campbell A bird’s-eye view of the expansive beach and water-play area helps one understand why it delights children.

If putting a real splash into your summer is a goal, one may gather the family and head for Route 119 North out of Philippi to find Tygart Lake State Park on Grafton’s edge.

A new and wonderful addition has been constructed among the facilities there and is known as the Adventure Lake Water Park.

A bird’s-eye view of the lake will reveal 25 large inflatable structures that give this new water amusement its attraction. Truly, one could get lost on this large beach-like area and this is why it is required that adults accompany little ones during their play.

A list of rules is given to patrons upon arrival that include lifejackets for children under 16 at all times. There is no allowance for pets or smoking in this park, and its staff recommends that reservations be made using the website wvstateparks.com. If direct contact is desired, the phone number is 304-265-6144.

While visiting this venue, desired meals can be obtained from the Lodge’s Dining Room, which has a beautiful view of the lake and a complete menu for the entire day’s eating needs. A gift shop is on the premises for any desired souvenirs.

Some of the exciting structures children may climb upon during their Tygart Lake visit.

Of course, lake managers hope visitors will bring their boats and decide to turn their trip into a vacation. Motor boating and water skiing are popular there, as well.

With limited availability of places to participate in water sports, our governor at the park’s May opening commended the state park’s administrators for finding the resources to develop such an elaborate and special recreation area. It is a colorful place not too many know about thus far, so taking advantage of its newness and availability is encouraged.

Spending time in open-air activities is healthy and reduces possible virus threats.

It allows us to have some fun again after facing a difficult challenge during the last year where we were not able to participate in many activities that provided upbeat, happy times.

We are drifting into a new phase with better protection against illness. With more than 300 million vaccinated, at last some options are available that encourage more familiar past-times and provide us with assurance that we are safe. Indeed, it is nice to be able to look forward to opportunities that help us believe we will have enjoyable days.

Directions to Adventure Lake appear on signs throughout Park grounds.

As you wind your way through Tygart Lake State Part expecting an amazing time will be ahead of you, try to experience the joy hope brings. It is certainly time for all of us to cling to some things that truly make us uplifted and encourage us to believe that we will have better tomorrows.


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