Making Summer Memories

Elk Springs Resort offers family fun

The Inter-Mountain photos by Shannon Bennett Campbell Trout pools fill the yards surrounding the Elk Springs entrance.

Summer has been so appreciated this year. As August is upon us, one recognizes that enjoyable activities have returned to our schedules and being able to be part of our social order has done us all lots of good.

While vaccinated folks have considerably more freedom to come and go, a reprieve from being masked all the time has been uplifting and certainly worth the effort taken to have this protection. Inoculation opportunities remain for those trying to dodge the delta variant believed by many to be more virulent and to prompt harsher symptoms.

We have seen water sports as the answer to many desires for travel and fun. Residents have actively sought places to go where opportunities existed for fresh air and spacing. Not too far from Valley Head is a special location where one could take children and be assured a filled fish stringer upon departure.

Elk Springs Resort sits on the Elk River and is considered one of West Virginia’s finest fishing spots.

While hidden in a thick forested region, one simply takes Rt. 219 to Valley Head and before entering the village turns onto Rt. 115 West toward Webster Springs. In four more miles an Elk Springs Lodge sign will appear and points the way from the main road onto another nearly four mile stretch to find Elk Springs’ Main Entrance.

A ‘catch and release’ area is nearby for veteran anglers to try their fishing skills on the Elk River.

While moving onto the grounds, one will notice several rustic cabins that can be rented for overnight or weekend stays. A spacious lodge also sports rooms for visitors.

There sits not far away several pools of water full of hungry trout and waiting for your bait. While fish pulled from these waters cost $6 a pound, at least children are assured a catch as they will surely pull a few “big ones” from these stocked waters. These ponds are open to the public from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. other days of the week.

For those in your party who are more experienced, they may want to try the “catch and release” area on the Elk stream that extends past the Resort to Whitaker Falls, a short distance away.

With Elk Springs’ owners currently trying to re-staff their lovely restaurant, Ellie Mae’s, the family may want to take their fish home, add some potatoes and salad, and celebrate a meal using their fresh catch. Remembrances of the day could be a focus.

A special feature of this fishing venue is the resort’s very well-stocked fly fishing sales room, where everything needed for your adventure is available. Hundreds of special flies can be reviewed and waders, cold-pack totes, poles, clothing and other fishing necessities can found there. It sits on the top floor of the building housing the restaurant.

A well-stocked fishing gear room offers an abundance of artificial flies one may want to try during their stay.

With minds looking to the re-opening of school, this would be a perfect way to end the summer and the beauty of the rustic area will leave a pleasant feeling with as you will want to make it a very special trip.

This venue promises to handle the impatience young children all possess. And after a big catch is made, a great reward will be fulfilled. There is little in life more dear than a child full of pride having just caught a fish or a parent who knows they scored enough points to earn an Olympic-size medal for sharing joyful moments with their children.

Rental cabins are available for overnight stays at the resort.


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