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Creekside Country Market offers Amish foods

The Inter-Mountain photos by Shannon Bennett Campbell Marion County’s Creekside Country Market is packed-full of fabulous foods.

From time to time, I am told about a unique place to visit where interesting items can be found and purchased. This is not unlike the recent trek I made to Marion County, where a 10-minute drive from I-79’s South Fairmont Exit landed me at the very quaint, but bountiful, Creekside Country Market.

The market is totally Amish and absolutely full of items gourmet cooks will relish, so be prepared to shop a while with such a good-looking crop of foods available.

The building was crammed full of freshly made rolls, breads, homemade donuts and peanut butter cookies. Rocky Road brownies and hand-dipped ice-cream assured a mecca of yummy items and found a place on my front seat for the way home.

One quickly observes the owners carefully organized their grocery so selected starches like noodles, flours and spices are in particular areas.

Additionally, refrigerators with milk, butters, beverages and cheeses are also well-organized to assist shoppers with finding them easily. Although when a place offers more than 30 kinds of cheese, it takes some time to review what can be selected.

Many cheese and meat varieties are waiting to be sliced.

Friendly service is paramount. Whether speaking with the butcher, who cuts meats to order, or the check-out cashier, the small staff is able to assist all store patrons, answering their questions with plenty of patience.

Built only five years ago, the market has a steady stream of patrons, suggesting that many make a weekly visit to obtain fresh items and discover what new selections may just have come from their ovens. Being so clean and sparkling, it is just an enjoyable spot to spend time.

Getting to the market is a bit challenging, but directions given to me worked without getting me lost so I will share a step-by-step plan.

Going North on I-79, take the South Fairmont Exit and bear to the right onto Rt. 250. Take a right turn at the first stoplight. Go about a half-mile and pass on the right the Mon Power Building. Shortly continuing on this road, one will see a sign for the Old Industrial Boulevard on the right, where one will turn to the right and follow this road a short while ’til passing over a small bridge. Look for a sign for Manley Chapel Road and turn left here.

Follow this road for about five minutes and at its end, look across the highway and you will have found Creekside Country Market.

Take-home ice-cream flavors are customer favorites.

I have often asked myself what appeals to me so much about Amish foods. The fresh qualities assure plenty of flavor. So many of their items are raised, butchered and locally made. The taste is unmistakable.

Do take a couple friends with you armed with coolers and some ice. Return with a bounty of good foods, including a marvelous ice cream cone or cup. The variety you will add to your weekly grocery routine will be long remembered.

It seemed like a bit of a long trip going there, but a quick one coming home as my pleasant memories led me to my doorstep and an evening supper of delightful Amish specialties. It is almost time to go again.

Breads and cookies are made daily and await customers on special shelves.


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