Building a Vibrant Community: Shopping small makes big impact

Help keep our local business doors open this season!

When you shop small, you make a big impact. Whether you are buying stocking stuffers or a memorable gift to last a lifetime, our local businesses have a wide variety of options to fit your shopping needs. Your commitment to our local businesses will make a lasting impact beyond Christmas day. Every purchase in a local business today can help keep the specialty shops and unique restaurants open tomorrow.

Many of our local businesses are catering to customer needs through curbside service, assistance over the phone, and online ordering to ensure a safe shopping experience. Our area businesses are working hard to sustain the unique shopping and dining experience downtown and throughout our county. It is time for customers to step up and choose local.

Elkins specialty shops and unique dining will continue as long as shoppers support them. Every purchase in a local business supports the mission to create and sustain a vibrant community. When you purchase something at a local business, you are sure to be supporting someone who is neighbor, family friend, schoolmate, or familiar face. The holiday season is a time for giving, Giving to our local businesses is needed now more than ever.

Consider soaps, ornaments, and chocolates you can purchase locally for stocking stuffers. Turn to our local bakeries to fill the dinner table with desserts and breads. While you are home by the fire with delight, order dinner from a local restaurant. You could even give the gift of a nice dinner, craft beer, or coffee by purchasing a gift certificate. Looking for the whole family? Frame a memory, select a piece of art, fill a tool box, make sure everyone has a bike helmet, find the perfect children’s toy or book, pamper her with hair products, customize a mug, make sure your furry friend has plenty of treats and toys, stock up on bee keeping equipment or gussy up the sewing collection. Look for a big gift? You can find American made furniture, bikes, paintings, sewing machines, home improvement products, safety gear, and fine jewelry all at our local businesses. And best of all, our local shops and restaurants have gift certificate options for every occasion.

This holiday season give a gift that supports our business community. We all want to see a vibrant future. That future starts with one local purchase today. What local gift will you give?

This article follows the concepts outlined in the book entitled “Building a Vibrant Community” written by Quint Studer. Compliments of Tygart Valley Orthopedics, the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber has free copies of the book available to those who are interested.


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