Cooper family hosts reunion

The annual Cooper family reunion took place Aug. 12 at the Mountain Farm below Harman. The day began with showers but began clearing up by the noon meal. Choruses were sung, led by Tom Cooper and Merry Lou Vance. Devotions were given by Tim Turner and Vance. Turner led the prayer for the noon meal.

Turner, president, welcomed everyone and gave the following historical report. During the year there were 14 births, 15 deaths, five marriages and seven deaths related to Coopers by marriage.

Jonnie Ann and Aaron Skidmore won the prize for newlyweds. Youngest prize went to Ronin Cash Vance. Traveling the farthest was Tom Cooper from Grundy, Virginia. Married 63 years were Betty Joyce and John Mayes. John Mayes also received the prize for the eldest at 86. Other door prize winners were: Brody Skidmore winning a gift in memory of his grandfather, John Lane. Tony Wolford won a prize in memory of Burlin and Gail Cooper. Rex Vance won a prize in memory of the Floyd and Effie Mae Armstrong Cooper Family. Bronson Guy Vance won a prize in memory of his great-grandmother, Merry Ellen Dice, better known as “Mom Mom.” The following were also door prize winners: Dwight Cooper, Merry Jo Ellen Vance, Jody Haddix, Woody Rush and Jack Cooper.

Family Mystery Photo was the Riley and Eula Cooper family and their children, Edith, Irene, Waldo and Juanita.

Jonnie Ann Lane Skidmore will be the new president with her son, Brody, assisting her as vice president. Merry Lou Vance is the secretary and treasurer. Thirty-five persons attended. The reunion is the second Sunday in August.

Pat Lane shared an interesting story that had been written by her daughter, Jonnie Ann, when she was in high school. She had interviewed an elderly lady in the community and gave a lot of history, memories.


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