Howes family hosts reunion

The annual Howes reunion took place Aug. 5 at Indian Camp. The reunion was opened by President Junior Howes. Everyone enjoyed the food and music by Delora Brown and Group. The meeting opened with prayer for families that lost love ones this year, Carroll Chapman; Mary Howes, Joe Howes’ widow, and Pa,ela Marie Howes Grimmett, daughter of Thadeus Howes.

Junior Howell read scripture from Romans chapter 5. The minutes were read by the secretary and were approved. Treasurer’s report was given and approved.

There was no old business.

New business began with a motion and approval to have hamburgers, hot dogs and ribs next year. Prayers were asked for Terry Gould. A motion was made by Rita Capocciama to host a cakewalk next year. A motion was made by Lori Howes, seconded by Shirley Tinney and passed to keep the officers the same for the next year. The officers are President Junior Howes, Vice president Jennifer Kimble, Secretary Berta Thompson and Treasurer Eloise Chapman.

The kids raffle was won by Katie Chapman, Dean Howell, Brandon Gould, Deanna Crites and Katie Weaver. Many items were donated.

Awards were presented to the following people: youngest married couple, Craig and Crystal Howell, five years; oldest married couple, Franklin and Virginia Howes, 57 years; oldest person present, Berlin Huffman, 78; youngest person present, Iris Weaver, 21 months; most family present, Rita Capocciama, five; and traveling the farthest, Sarah Klotz, 300 miles.

Games were played following the meeting.

People attending were:

Buckhannon: Warren Cobb, Shirley Tinney, Shaw ByKiofaky, Kaylee Weaver, Leehand Hinchman, Bryan Landis, Veronica Tinney, Delora Brown, Fred Lungbein, Kayler Shaman, Craig, Crysal and Lilyanna Howell, Dean Phipps, Prisilla and Jim Peggs, Benjamin Huffman, Berta and Michael Thompson, Berlin and Carolyn Huffman, Alena Weaver, Tina Hodges, Susie Chapman, Veronica Tinney, Bryan Landis, Jennifer, J.S., Michael and Alex Kimble and Bob Linger.

Ohio: Brian, Amber and Evelynn Dennis, Tiffany, Caiden, Joshua, Calvin Boss and Trey Smith, Carrie, Dean, Kneilla and Jacob Waugh, Rita Capocciama, Tracy, Scott, Marshal, Faith and Hunter Henry, Daniel L. Capocciama and Stephanie and Andrew Stanforth.

Big Ben: Franklin and Birginia Howes, Terry and Kim, Brock, Branden and Parsley Gould.

Indian Camp: Brian and Joanna Huffman, Peggy and Eugene Bond and Patrick Phipps.

French Creek: Junior and Lori Howes.

Branchland: Kimberly Adkins, Garret and Sienna Crites.

Monongah: Krissa, Rylee, Katie and Joey Chapman and Brian Kaubisch.

Front Royal, Virginia: Chris, Tasha, Courtney and Camberly Leary.

Other attending were, John P. Howes.


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