Karickhoff family hosts reunion

The family and friends of Warwick and Maggie Karickhoff gathered July 13-14 to honor their memories and also the memories of their children who have also passed, Audrey Kincaid, Roxie Simons, Virginia Keller, Elsie Crider, Snow Dear Ward, Earl Karickhoff and Deloris Smith. Their living children are Tula Curkendall and Oneita Powers.

The 31st annual reunion was held at Century Union Hall, Century No. 1, with 80 attending. Saturday began with a pulled pork lunch (cooked by Aaron Harris) served at noon followed by group picture taking, an auction and memories shared. On Sunday, 45 attended a church service at the union hall that was directed by the grandchildren. A hot dog roast, games and more visiting followed.

Attending were: Neal and Rosemary Simons of Volga,; Joe and Joyce Simons of Peel Tree; Vernon and Donna Warnecke of Annapolis, Maryland: George and Carole Clark of Fairfield Glade, Tennessee; Judi Breeden of Bridgewater, Virginia; Larry Crider of Greenville, Ohio: John Crider of Greenville, Ohio; Ric Crider of Celina, Ohio; Joanne Ostendorf of Mason, Ohio; Jim and Teresa Ward of Greenville, Ohio; Derek, Amber, Brentley and Blakely Brock, Maryville, Tennessee; Chip and Karen DeLaet, Simpsonville, South Carolina; Adam, Nikki, Jacob, Paige and Ella Smith of Simpsonville, South Carolina; Kent and Amy DeLaet of Sylva, North Carolina; Bob and Barbara Sanderson, New Carlisle, Ohio; Earl Wayne and Cindy Karickhoff, Volga; Mark, Sherri, Karson, Cooper and Karter Karickhoff, Volga; Tula Curkendall of Volga; Norman and Linda Wagner, Elkins; Grant, Lydia and Max Jones, Elkins; Cory Wagner of Elkins; Oneita Powers of Volga; Mike and Pam Moore of Buckhannon; Charlie and Debbie Quick of Buckhannon and grandson Zack; John and Kelly Coberly-Shipman of Buckhannon; Tom Powers of Volga; Danielle Small and son Zephaniah of Morgantown; Katrina, and Tim Harris of Volga; Aaron Harris and daughter Raelee Harris of Volga; Shane, Michele, Brandon, Dominick and Cameron Smith of Morgantown; Donnie and Susie Kincaid of Buckhannon; Gerry and Libby Hoover of Buckhannon; Connie Kincaid and daughter Allison Kincaid of Buckhannon and friend Jenson Sothen of Buckhannon; Chris, Teresa, Kayla, Kristi, Sarah and Joseph Karickhoff of Akron, Ohio, and friends, Madison Wolfe of Green, Ohio; Corey Mills of Akron, Ohio; and Josie Bumgarner of Akron, Ohio.

Next year’s reunion will be July 11-12 at the Century Union Hall.


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