Cooper family hosts reunion

The 75th Cooper reunion was held Aug. 11 at the Mountain Farm below Harman. Jonnie Ann Lane Skidmore, president, gave the welcome.Tom Cooper shared morning devotions. Scripture reading from Ps. 90 speaking on the brevity of our lives how quickly time passes. Our lives can be shortened by the way we live, choices we make. There are accidents, diseases that we are affected by over which we have no control. Life is good but brief compared to eternity. Appreciate the blessings of the day. Love more and be kind. He led the group in prayer.

Vice president Brody Skidmore read a devotional. Everyone joined in singing and an abundance of delicious foods was served.

Jonnie Ann Skidmore opened the business session for the afternoon. The minutes of lost years reunion were read by Merry Lou Vance, secretary. Prizes were presented to the following: eldest, Helen Lee Bennett, 87; traveling the greatest distance of 375 miles, Tom Cooper and son, Jack; newlyweds were Mark and Delores Bennett; married most years were Mick and Libby Cooper, 54 years; youngest person present, Brody Skidmore; and first year in attendance to the reunion, Jimmy Moreland.

Family door prizes were presented and won as follow: in memory of Willard Van Wymer won by Rex Vance; in memory of Burlin and Gail Hedrick Cooper won by Brody Skidmore; in memory of John Lane won by Delores Bennett; in memory of Floyd Mason and Effie May Armstrong Cooper family won by Marjorie Lawrence and Jimmy Moreland; and in memory of Merry Ellen Cooper Dice won by Libby Cooper.

Mark and Delores Bennett and Jimmy Moreland san and played several numbers. We appreciate them sharing of their time and talent with us for the day. Twenty-four people registered in attendance.

Officers are Jonnie Ann Lane Skidmore, president; Brody Skidmore, vice president; and Merry Lou Vance, secretary/treasurer. The next reunion is scheduled for the second Sunday of August.


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