Groups create trail project in Barbour

Submitted photos Members of the Wes-Mon-Ty Resource Conservation and Development Project’s Board of Directors gather recently at the trail entrance, including Ed Utterback, Bill Coffindaffer, Robert Lee True Jr., Jim Foster, Donnie Tenney, John Sencindiver, Jim Nester, Sigrid Teets, Larry Sponaugle and Scott Springer.

PHILIPPI — Area agencies and volunteers joined together recently to develop a hiking trail at the Barbour County Fairgrounds.

Wes-Mon-Ty Resource Conservation and Development Project was awarded a grant from the WVU-Extension Service’s Healthy Children Project to implement a project that increases the health and well-being of the children in the community. This project was accomplished with the help of the Barbour County Commission by increasing public awareness of and to provide fun activities for the hiking trail located at the Barbour County Fairgrounds. The trail system is located just beyond the tennis courts.

Wes-Mon-Ty RC&D worked with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to map the system of trails. There are three main trails and each is color-coded. Several trees are blazed to help folks stay on the right path.

Also, the Philip Barbour High School’s FFA advisor assisted in creating a message center at the entrance of the trail.

Finally, there were 20 trees identified and labeled along the trails. Hikers can pick up a list of identified trees at the entrance to help them keep track of the ones they find. For the younger hikers, a scavenger hunt is available, which is a fun activity for the family to complete while hiking.

The trail near the Barbour County Fairgrounds features boulders and a variety of local trees. The project was developed in order to encourage more physical activity for local families and individuals.

The park is now closed for the season, but will reopen next spring.

An identification tag on an American beech tree is located along the trail.


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