ERCCC announces Roamin’ Randolph

ELKINS — This month, the Elkins Randolph County Chamber of Commerce’s Network Committee recognized the need to provide some type of event or series of events during this challenging time for both the residents and businesses of Randolph County.

They recognized that people are looking for fun, family-friendly opportunities to get out safely and spend time together. Out of that discussion, the idea for Roamin’ Randolph: Share Your Spirit! evolved. A series of two-week events will extend throughout the summer. Neighborhoods, business districts, and other geographically connected sections of the county are being asked to consider “adopting” one of the two-week chunks of the calendar and Share Your Spirit!

The first Roamin’ Randolph venue is the Wees Historic District in Elkins. Nanci Bross-Fregonara volunteered to chair the first event that will open today and run through Sunday evening, June 14. Everyone is encouraged to get out and enjoy the visual fun on foot or in their car.

This two-week event, the first of seven proposed events, offers residents a way to discover a family-friendly, thematic neighborhood display while maintaining social distancing. Because the event lasts two weeks, there isn’t the risk of large crowds or confined spaces. Take any evening over the two-week span to drive or stroll through the participating streets.

“The Wees neighborhood is very excited to participate in this fun project that encourages community spirit,” Bross-Fregonara said. “We are focusing on the streets between High Street and Sycamore, just to have it more pedestrian-friendly.”

A map of the route to best enjoy the display will be available on the Chamber’s website, www.erccc.com, and through its Facebook page.

“We look forward to working together with our neighbors on this first Roamin’ Randolph event and encourage everyone in our neighborhood to decorate their homes with the Walkin’ the Wees Wild Side theme. Families can show off fun critters with whatever they feel like: pool noodles spiders, inflatable animals or even sidewalk chalk. Whatever is creative!” Bross-Fregonara added.

“We are fortunate and grateful to have use of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources’ wooden animal collection that volunteers will be painting for the Wild Side. We are also creating a few scavenger hunts for folks to download and participate in as well.” These, too, will be available on the Chamber’s website.

The Chamber, in collaboration with Elkins Main Street, will host the second two-week event from June 15-28 in Downtown Elkins/Fifth Ward. Both businesses and residents are encouraged to show their spirit by working together.

The remaining two-week intervals are on the calendar, but neighborhoods and themes are currently undetermined. Locations are needed for June 29-July 12, July 13-26, July 27-Aug 9, Aug 10-23, and Aug 24-Labor Day. Suggestions for other themes include a sports-related focus, Christmas in July, or a patriotic display for the event that includes July 4.

Neighborhoods or districts that would like to volunteer to take the lead in one of these two-week events are encouraged to contact the Chamber. This unique series of events will give Randolph County neighborhoods the opportunity to share their creative spirit while providing its residents with a much needed outlet during this trying time in our history.

For more information, contact Lisa Wood, Chamber executive director, at lisa.wood@erccc.com or 304-636-2717.


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