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EHS to present ‘Radium Girls’ this week

The Inter-Mountain photo by Eliana McCutcheon From left, Elkins High School Theater students Alec Miller, Hanna Davis, Ashley Thompson, Emma Downey and Taylor McKinnie prepare for their weekend showcase.

ELKINS–The Elkins High School Theater Department will present its production of “Radium Girls” later this week.

“‘Radium Girls’ is a historical fiction production,” said Matt Taylor, a theater and English teacher at EHS. “It is based on a dark episode in history when these young women paint glowing dials on clocks in a factory. The paint that they used had radium in it. At that time, it was not common for people to know about the dangerous effects of radium.

“The company that the women work for tries to cover up that there were dangerous effects, so when they started to get sick, there were a lot of problems. The story of the play follows Grace Fryer, played by Taylor McKinnie, who is one of the dial painters. She struggles with the company and her trials to get reparations,” Taylor said.

The cast list of “Radium Girls” includes Taylor McKinnie as Grace Fryer; Emma Downey as Kathryn, Society woman, Harriet and Shopgirl; Ashley Thompson as Irene, Miss Wiley, Goard Member number two and Mrs. Michaels; Thea Kerns as Sob Sister, Clerk and Mrs. Fryer; Emmy Mearns as Mrs. Roeder, Madame Curie and Customer Board Member number three; Hanna Davis as Lee, Bailey, Lovesick Cowboy, Male Shopper, and Court; Alicia Kelley as Berry, Martland, Flinn, and Store Owner; Max Mattingly as Tom, Reporter and Knef; Hannah Steiger as Markley, Von Sochocky, Elderly Widow and Photographer; Alec Miller as Arthur Roeder; and Juanita Teter as MacNeil, Drinker, Board Member number one and Venecine Salesman.

The play will be presented at 7 p.m. Friday, at 7 p.m. Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are free for students and children. The cost for adults is $12 at the door and $10 for advanced ticket reservations at Elkinsdrama.com.


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