First case of coronavirus confirmed in Randolph

ELKINS — The Randolph-Elkins Health Department confirmed Monday afternoon that a local individual has been confirmed as being Randolph County’s first case of coronavirus.

The individual “was traveling out of the country, returned to the U.S. on a plane and then drove back here and has been self-quarantined ever since,” Bonnie Woodrum of the Randolph-Elkins Health Department told The Inter-Mountain Monday.

“The person developed symptoms after returning home, but was already self-quarantining from being out of the country,” Woodrum said.

“The person has been isolated from the airplane in another state to this day,” she added. “There should be no community spread from that case.”

The individual was confirmed as testing positive for coronavirus on Friday, Woodrum said.

Woodrum declined to provide the individual’s age or sex, and would also not say what town the person lives in.

“I do not feel comfortable providing personal information about the person,” she said.

Woodrum noted that other people who have been tested in Randolph County are currently maintaining self-quarantine, and she is confident there should not be any community spread from those pending cases.

“Not everybody has symptoms, but they are staying in just in case,” she said.

Woodrum said healthcare officials within the county are remaining “very vigilant” and noted that there are drive-thru clinics at Davis Medical Center and both Valley Health Care locations.

“There (are) criteria for testing, so if people meet that criteria, their testing will be paid for by the state. If they don’t meet the criteria and want to be tested anyway, they should call Valley Health,” Woodrum said.

“I don’t know that they will test everybody because testing supplies are still in short supply, but they can at least call.”

Woodrum stated that people should continue to practice caution and follow CDC guidelines.

“We know it’s coming, and people should maintain social distancing, only go out for what they need or for essential services and wash their hands frequently,” she said.

“We can stop this if we will pay attention to the rules.”

Though the confirmed case was not tested through Davis Medical Center, the hospital has tested a total of 48 individuals, with 12 negative results and 36 cases still pending, Tracy Fath, VP of marketing and planning at DMC, told The Inter-Mountain Monday afternoon.

DMC officials advise that people continue to maintain social distancing and good hygiene practices.

“We’re really sticking to those things that have been out there from the very beginning: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home if you’re ill, call your provider before you come in if you’re not feeling well,” Fath said.

“Practice social distancing; if you’re somewhere where there are numerous people, do the six-foot distance between you and the next person, keep those hands washed and don’t touch your face.”

Fath noted that DMC is transferring much of its inpatient visits to telemedical appointments.

“(It’s) really going to reduce any further risk to our healthcare workers or patients by having them come into the facility,” she said, stressing that the facility is being kept safe and clean.

As of Monday evening, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources had reported a total of 145 positive cases, 3682 negative results and one death statewide, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a total of 140,904 positive cases and 2,405 deaths nationwide.


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