Snowshoe Foundation helps fund EMS purchases

The Inter-Mountain photo by Brooke Binns With assistance from the Snowshoe Foundation, in the form of grant funding, Elkins Middle School recently made three purchases to provide opportunities to students. Pictured from left are Dee Roth, EMS teacher; John Lawson, EMS assistant principal and athletic director; Nick Alfred, EMS assistant principal; Eric Lucas, EMS principal; and Voras Haynes, vice president of the Snowshoe Foundation.

ELKINS — Students at Elkins Middle School will benefit from recent purchases made by the school, with funding assistance from the Snowshoe Foundation.

Nick Alfred, assistant principal at EMS, said grant funding — in combination with funds raised by the school or county funds — allowed administration to purchase two mobile Promethean Active Panels, programming to provide financial literacy lessons and new-and-improved seating for student-athletes.

Hilary Ramsey, director of technology and communication for RCS, said the Promethean Active Panels “make teachers’ lives easier.”

“The Promethean Active Panels are like a 65 inch Android Tablet. They allow the teacher to teach completely on the panel without having to have a laptop connected,” she said.

“They can download any (application) they would like to use, go to any website they would like and there are also built in apps, like a built-in whiteboard that is really easy for teachers to use. … They make teacher’s lives easier. This is where you are taking technology and making it easier to teach.”

The two units are mobile, allowing them to be used school-wide by teachers in any classroom. The total cost of purchase was $4,500, and $2,000 was provided by the Snowshoe Foundation.

Dee Roth, teacher at EMS, said the financial literacy software is a four-year program that will be implemented school-wide.

According to the Ramsey Education website, the program and organization exists to provide educators with tools and resources needed to teach their students how to successfully manage their money and their lives.

“This supplemental curriculum consists of six stand-alone chapters featuring 22 lessons, which weave together humor and real-life stories to educate and reinforce sound principles for managing money,” information on the website reads.

The total cost of purchase for the financial literacy program was roughly $4,000, and $1,300 was provided by the Snowshoe Foundation. An additional $800 was provided by EMS Faculty Senate funds.

Finally, John Dawson, EMS assistant principal and athletic director, said the athletic department was able to purchase new chairs to be used in the gymnasium for athletic events; chairs will be used by student-athletes. The total cost of purchase for 30 chairs and one chair carrier was $4,100, and $1,875 was provided by the Snowshoe Foundation.

Kristen Doss, executive director of the Snowshoe Foundation, said the foundation provides assistance to local communities in Pocahontas, Randolph and Webster counties. In 2018, the foundation was able to distribute $326,809.


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