HAS to reopen in September

ELKINS — Highland Adventist School is gearing up for a great school year offering students options for both distance and traditional classroom instruction.

“A number of our families are very ready for their students to get back into in-person classes,” said Cheryl Jacko, principal, “while others prefer a little more time with distance learning. We respect parent choice and are offering both options to our school families this year.”

Jacko reports that the school is equipping all classrooms with technology to allow teachers to incorporate distance students into their regular classes.

The goal is to provide a regular, live classroom experience whether students are seated in the classroom or at their home computer. Interaction with other students, communicating with the teachers, daily assignments, assessments, and activities will all be part of the student experience, whether remote or traditional. If a student decides to transition from home to the classroom or from the classroom to home, he may quickly do so without any change of teacher or classroom placement. All students will be participating and interacting in real time with the teacher and other students.

“We are hopeful that we can minimize the disruption and stress that could occur for students this fall,” Jacko continued. “Our students will all be full participants in our classrooms whether they are working from home or in the school building. Any of our families who choose distance learning but do not have the necessary equipment for it will be able to borrow computers for their children to use.”

Under the direction of the school health and safety team, the school has developed a complete set of protocols for safely reopening in September, including ozone purification of the building each night, regular environmental cleaning by teachers and custodial staff, numerous hand sanitization stations, temperature monitoring, strict enforcement of student health/illness protocols, small classes to allow social distancing, regular use of outdoor learning spaces, and other measures.

For enrollment information, more about the school’s innovative plans for instruction and safety protocols, or to request information, visit the school website at www.highlandadventistschool.org or call 304-636-4274 and leave a message. The school is currently enrolling new students, but space is limited.


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