Suder appointed to fill Upshur magistrate slot

BUCKHANNON — The second open magistrate position has been filled by an Upshur County native.

Alan Suder was appointed Tuesday by 26th Judicial Circuit Judges Jake Reger and Kurt Hall, according to a joint press release.

Suder will fill the term of Kay Hurst, who resigned Jan. 20, just three weeks into serving her second term. The release from the judges cites Suder being a private business owner for 30 years and his three terms serving on the Upshur County Board of Education.

“I’m very appreciative,” Suder said of the appointment. “I am looking forward to serving the citizens of Upshur County. It is very humbling.”

Like Mark Davis, who was just appointed to the Division I magistrate seat, Suder said there is a 20-day waiting period before he can be sworn into the Division II seat.

“I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to actually truly be able to serve the citizens of Upshur County,” he said. “I grew up here. I went to school here in Upshur County. I started a business here in Upshur County in 1991 right out of high school. I raised my children in Upshur County. Anytime I can give back to the community, I want to.”

Suder ran for magistrate in 1996 and lost a close race at the time. However, in 2008 Suder was elected to his first term on the Upshur County Board of Education and went on to win re-election twice. Suder enjoyed his time on the board of education, but had begun thinking about running for another office.

“As a board member, you have to resign to run for another office,” he said. “I never really felt that was right and that if the voters of Upshur County believed in me and elected me to office, then I should fulfil my office.”

Suder chose not to run for re-election on the board of education and ended his service in June 2020 due to a combination of trying to take care of family needs and beginning to build a home. Suder’s father, the late Eugene Suder, was beginning to decline in health.

“I wanted my dad to live forever, but I could tell his time was drawing near,” he said. Suder was able to spend that extra time with him and now will be holding court in the magistrate courtroom named in honor of his father. Eugene Suder served several terms as magistrate in addition to several other offices.

“That will be very humbling,” Suder said. “I truly miss the board of education, but now I have the opportunity to give back in another office. I’m honored. I’m humbled and I just want to do my best.”

Suder will serve in the appointed position until the May 2022 primary and said he will look at running for the office, but was not ready to announce at this time. Suder is also a fourth generation of Suders who have been raised in Upshur County, where he resides with his wife, Christy, according to the release.


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