Timberline seeing ‘phenomenal’ reopening year

DAVIS — Timberline Mountain Resort in Davis is having an excellent season during its first full winter under new ownership, thanks to the amount of snowfall this season, officials said.

“It has been a phenomenal season,” Timberline Mountain Marketing Manager Paige Perfect told The Inter-Mountain Thursday. “We have been experiencing some of the best weather the valley has seen in years.”

The snowy weather for outdoor recreation couldn’t have come at a better time as this is the first full ski season for Timberline under its new ownership. Perfect North Slopes Inc. purchased the resort in a bankruptcy court auction in January 2020.

“Our management team is new to the area and we came from a resort that doesn’t typically see a lot of natural snowfall,” Perfect said. “So it’s very exciting for us to see this much natural snowfall. We couldn’t have asked for a better inaugural season.”

Many tourism officials agree that the COVID-19 pandemic may have helped the skiing industry more than it has hurt it.

“Skiing is one of the extremely rare sports in which face coverings were not uncommon before COVID, so it’s not that much of a transition for everyone to keep their face coverings on,” said Perfect. “People are looking for stuff to do because they have been cooped up all year. And skiing and snowboarding are some of the safest activities you can do during COVID, so we have had a lot of new skiers and snowboarders. We are enforcing mask wearing in the line, though, and guests have been extremely compliant. Everyone wants us to have a long and healthy season.”

The typical ski season runs through the first few weeks of March, but if the weather continues to produce snow and cold temperatures, an extension could happen for winter sports enthusiasts.

“We never really know the answer to when our season is going to end,” Perfect said. “It really all depends on what mother nature does. We hope to be open through March and the way the season has been going we think it’s going to be a late season. We’re going to stay open as long as possible.”

Timberline has also added two new ski lifts this season and made major renovations to the ski lodge inside and out.

“We have West Virginia’s first and only high-speed, six-person chair lift,” Perfect said. “It has reduced the original time that it used to take people to get to the top of the mountain from upwards of 20 minutes to just four minutes and 20 seconds. The biggest complaint we are getting now is that people don’t have time to rest their legs.”

Perfect said the dining and food service facilities at the lodge have been completely gutted and redone. Additional dining space has been added to make it more COVID compliant and the exterior deck has been completely redone to allow for more outdoor seating.

“The entire lodge renovations have been extremely effective,” she said. “They have made things more efficient and COVID friendly.”

For more information about the resort, call 304-403-2074.


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