Commission helps fund Camp Pioneer playground equipment

Submitted photo The Randolph County Commission is helping to fund the purchase of new equipment for this playground at Camp Pioneer.

ELKINS — The Randolph County Commission has agreed to help fund a new project at Camp Pioneer in Beverly.

Jonathan Kyle, treasurer of the Tygarts Valley Lions Club, presented the commission with a plan to replace the old playground equipment at the camp

“We have maintained Ed Heineman Park at Camp Pioneer for 20-plus years,” Kyle told commissioners during the Oct. 7 meeting. “This year we provided funding to repaint the pavilion roof and to put new seats and chains on the swing sets that are there. But the playground equipment is getting exceptionally outdated and it’s probably 30 years old.”

Kyle said some of the existing wooden playground equipment has begun to crack and deteriorate.

“It’s just not a safe piece of playground equipment anymore,” said Kyle. “We as an organization don’t have the funds to completely purchase a new piece of equipment like that.

“It’s a great park that is continuously used by families in the area. It’s used for a lot of picnics and there are always kids playing there around that pond. The little park is utilized a ton so we would love to do this improvement to the park.”

Kyle said he received a price estimate from Kauffman’s Lawn Furniture in Millersville, Ohio, and that the amount needed for the piece of playground equipment for the Ed Heinemann Playground Project will cost $25,000.

“We do all of our funding in-house and we typically don’t go out and ask for outside help for something like this,” said Kyle. “We as an organization are willing to handle all of the logistics, continue to maintain it, and willing to do the labor to put the new playground equipment in place and dispose of the old equipment. We are hoping the commission can assist us with purchase of the new equipment.”

Commissioners David Kesling and Chris See voted to supply the Tygarts Valley Lions Club with the $25,000 needed for the playground equipment. The commission said the funds would be taken from the hotel-motel tax funds.

The Tygarts Valley Lions Club, which has a long-standing association with Camp Pioneers, is the largest Lions Club in the state of West Virginia. For the past several years it has awarded $10,000 in scholarships to Randolph County students.

Ed Heinemann was a prominent member of the TVLC and served the Club in many capacities, officials said.


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