Put apples on KBC teacher tree

We are ready to begin celebrating our new “Apple for the Teacher Tree” project to honor beloved schoolteachers at Kump Education Center.

This idea has been developing for several years, but now the tree is really on the wall in our learning lab thanks to Susan Ellison.

After Susan’s mother died, she told me about her mother’s passion for teaching, and I shared the idea that we could have a teacher memory tree at KEC. Then Susan decided to make it happen. By teaching a computer coding class at KEC she earned initial funding to pay for the tree. Next she discovered Randall Arbogast who designed and cut out the wooden tree and 25 red apples.

We will have brass plates with the names of great teachers on the red apples hanging from the tree on the wall in the learning lab. Then we will offer more information about when, where, and what these teachers taught in A Favorite Teacher Memory Book near the tree.

We realize that teachers are among the essential workers in our society during this pandemic, but they have always done the existential task of helping children discover who they are and what they can do in this world.

Susan Ellison wrote the following teacher tribute for her mother:

“My mother’s determination to become a teacher was present long before it became a reality. She attended a year of college after graduation from high school. After this, her formal education was put on hold as she traveled to a military base in California with my father to begin their married life. From 1956-1974 she raised four children and worked as an Emergency Certified Substitute Teacher. When the youngest child was 12 years old, her quest to become a teacher began again.”

“At age 41, Evelyn Tolliver became a full-time education student at Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky, and by age 50 she had a Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education degree, an Elementary Education Master’s Degree, and a full-time job teaching first grade. She taught for 26 years and loved her career. Her love for God was evident throughout her life in her love for children and education. It was this strength she pulled on to reach her incredible achievement of being a great teacher.” (Susan Tolliver Ellison 2021)

The teacher tree offers you an opportunity to remember the special teacher who had a profound effect on your school experience or on a child in your family. Donors making a $500 contribution to support KEC programming may select a teacher for this recognition.

All donations to KEC are tax deductible and Neighborhood Investment Program contributions qualify for teacher tree recognition.


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