Focusing on family for the holidays

Emma Scott Garden Club and Kump Education Center will host a Holiday Family Celebration, Friday, Dec. 17, 18, and 19 from 2 – 5 p.m. The three-day open house will feature nativities and family traditions from around the world on the main floor of the historic Kump House and hands-on craft activities for children in the Altice Learning Lab on the lower level.

We are delighted to be opening the Kump House once again with evergreen holiday decorations by Emma Scott Garden Club. I have never seen the Kump House look better than it did in 2019 when Garden Club members created a 1930s-style “Wonderful Life” Christmas with a magical makeover inside and out. This year we are focusing on international nativity scenes and the importance of the human family worldwide, especially during the pandemic.

Three wooden nativity scenes were made in Madagascar where one of Governor H.G. Kump’s great granddaughters, Elizabeth Turk, has served for many years as a medical missionary helping train public health volunteers to use modern medical practices in the fight against HIV Aids. Her husband, Dan Turk, works to harvest fruits and vegetables and teach environmental education by encouraging the planting of the unique native trees on the island of Madagascar. He says they are caring for the Garden of Eden as they plant Mango trees and many other trees that contribute wood to a burgeoning lumber business.

de a turning wooden tower from Germany, a plaster manger scene from Italy, and a clay creche from Peru. In all the scenarios the baby Jesus is the center of loving care from his parents, three wise men, and local farmers who may have a llama or water buffalo along with sheep. In each case artistic details reflect local interpretation of the Holy Family and clearly show that every family is important to the global future of the human race.

The open house is scheduled over a three-day period to allow for proper CDC social distancing protocol. The use of masks is highly recommended. The children’s craft area will be in the recently upgraded Altice Learning Lab that includes an improved air filtration system. Visitors are also asked to use the back gate entrance to the Kump property located off Seneca Trail Road, north of the South Randolph Avenue entrance to the facility.

Admission to the holiday celebration is free but all donations will be used to support KEC education and restoration efforts. For more information about the Holiday Family Celebration or the Kump Education Center, visit the Kump Education Center Facebook page.


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