Boos & Applause

Applause to organizers and participants in the Martin Luther King Jr. birthday celebrations that took place throughout our region this week. At only the age of 39 King created a peaceful movement more than 50 years ago that changed America. It is appropriate and gratifying that residents throughout our region recognize the importance of King’s legacy.

Applause to the City of Buckhannon for decreasing residents’ utility bills. Three bucks is still three bucks, even though after 15 years of paying the Municipal Public Safety Complex fee taxpayers may have forgotten about it. It is good to see the city keep their end of the bargain and retire this tax. The City of Buckhannon used the tax money for what is was intended, and now that the bonds are paid off officials are removing this extra burden from taxpayers.

Applause to the management of The Randolph County Board of Education for making it possible for Randolph County Schools to be taken off a statewide “watch” list. Steven Paine, superintendent of schools for West Virginia, congratulated RCS Superintendent Debbie Schmidlen for being removed from the Financial Watch List, maintained by the West Virginia Department of Education’s Office of School Finance. Paine said he “sincerely appreciate(s) the work of you and your board to make the necessary adjustments to keep the school system financially solvent.” RCS officials have been required to provide monthly details and updates regarding the county’s finances every year since first being placed on the watch list in 2014.

Applause to the Randolph County Commissioners for the continuation of county funding for the annual Hillbilly Hardball Classic. Chris George and company have worked very hard over the years making this event a huge success in the region. The Hillbilly Hardball Classic makes an economic impact in Randolph as well as surrounding counties. It is great to see the Randolph County Commissioners recognize the importance of the Classic.