Heeding the Public’s Voice

Elkins Council votes down ATV ordinance

Elkins City Council members are to be praised for listening to their constituents this week and voting down a proposed ordinance that would have allowed ATVs and UTVs to drive on city streets.

An Inter-Mountain online poll showed that 90.5% of our readers responding said they opposed the proposed ordinance, while only 9.5% readers said they supported it.

During Thursday’s meeting, five City Council members stated that constituents in their wards overwhelmingly opposed the ATV ordinance.

“I’ve had many emails and conversations with people, and I’d say the overwhelming majority of them are not in favor of the ordinance,” First Ward Councilman Rob Chenoweth said. “It’s our job to do what our constituents are asking us. I don’t think they want this ordinance.”

Fourth Ward’s Marilynn Cuonzo added, “I have spoken with many, many people in Fourth Ward and I have not had one person in favor of this ordinance.”

“Not a single person in my ward who spoke to me about it is in favor of it,” Fourth Ward Councilwoman Karen Wilmoth noted.

The proposed ordinance failed Thursday with seven council members voting against it, and three voting in favor.

The original version of the proposed ordinance had deadlocked council with a 5-5 vote in November. The ordinance was then sent back to the Rules and Ordinance Committee for revision.

On Thursday, Second Ward Councilman Charlie Friddle and Third Ward Councilman Carman Metheny were among those who voted against the proposal.

They both had voted in favor of the original proposal in November, but we feel they made a good call this week by casting their votes in harmony with how the public felt about the ATV ordinance.

That’s how all government is supposed to work, but too often doesn’t. We’re glad the voice of the people was heeded by their representatives this week.


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