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We will remember Mayor Broughton

Elkins residents elected a new mayor on Tuesday. Four candidates ran for the office and each candidate had numerous opportunities to share their vision for Elkins. Each candidate ran their campaigns based on their merits and how they planned on moving the city forward.

Elkins’ current mayor, Van Broughton, decided not to seek another term of office.

Mayor Broughton may be the most well-liked mayor Elkins has had in the last 50 years. Broughton has maintained a positive imagine and attitude the entire time he has served as the mayor.

Always positive and always visible, Mayor Broughton has devoted countless hours on and off the job. Whether through the week or on the weekends, whether it was day time or night time, Mayor Broughton could always be seen at public events, and often lent a hand to maintaining the city’s streets and parks.

It was great to see Mayor Broughton this week ready to pass the mayor’s gavel over to our newly elected mayor, Jerry Marco, as well as making it clear he is willing to share information at any time.

Mayor Broughton’s big smile will be missed at City Hall, but we know Van will still be out and about, and he will always be a great goodwill ambassador for the City of Elkins.


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