Trust Marsh

Don’t listen to vaccine myths

Dr. Clay Marsh has been part of the effort that led West Virginia to be a leader in trying to fight the spread of COVID-19 and in distributing the vaccine that might help us one day turn the corner in that fight.

Mountain State residents have come to trust him as he talks us through the horrific plague we are enduring.

It is to be hoped, then, that they will listen to him now, as he asks those who are eligible to get the vaccine.

Conspiracy theories and intentional misinformation are crippling that effort as medical workers who should know better are giving in to the fear that the vaccine is somehow unsafe or untrustworthy.

Marsh, who is known as the state’s “Coronavirus Czar,” said he believes that because children under age 16 are not being vaccinated right now, it is unlikely we will reach herd immunity against the virus. That makes it even more important for those working in hospitals and long-term care facilities to get the shot that has been made available to them.

“People are scared of the vaccine,” Marsh said. “(They think) it came too fast. There was some false advertising that it could cause sterility in women, so a lot of women were hesitant to take it. And there’s no grounding to that. And a lot of people thought it could give you the virus and it can’t do that. I think there is a level of mistrust.”

Though Marsh said he believes those misconceptions are changing, they are not changing quickly enough.

If you are eligible, get registered, get in line, get your shot (and then your second shot, unless you get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine), and do your part to keep yourself and the people around you safe.

Again, particularly for those in the medical and long-term care professions, there is simply no logical excuse to delay any longer.


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