Reader requests ‘No dogs, please’

I have a request for the people who bring their dogs to public events such as the Thursday concerts, the car show on the Fourth or any other events in Elkins or anywhere else for that matter — please leave them home.

This is especially true at the Forest Festival Fireman’s Parade. The horns and sirens are very hard on the dog’s ears. Unless it is the Forest Festival pet show, there is no rational reason for them to be at a public gathering. I don’t know what people are thinking, if they are thinking at all when they decide to bring their dog to a public event.

It would be nice if the city council would pass an ordinance on this matter although I have no idea how it could be enforced and no, I do not want the job. The city police don’t have time to fool with this problem and the county animal control officer does not work evenings. I have never seen the dog owners clean up after their dog when it has its daily sit-down even though there is a city ordinance requiring that you do.

It can’t be good for the dog to be subjected to that many people, regardless of how well-behaved they may be. It might make them hyper and if a child were to try and pet one of the dogs, he or she might get bitten.

In case anybody is thinking it, I am not an animal hater. I have pets of my own but the only time I take them away from the house is when they are gong to the Vet. I ask you again, please leave them home. Thank you.

Charles Church

Valley Bend


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