Conservatives being silenced?

Conservatives beware. There’s a push on to silence conservatives. Adam Schiff’s doing it, the internet search engines are doing it, social media is doing it, the mainstream media, and even some local newspapers are doing it. Schiff is a special kind of idiot that isn’t intelligent enough to hide what he’s trying do.

If you’ve been watching the impeachment hearings, you know what I’m talking about. The entire impeachment process has been one act of treason after another. Schiff wants Trump gone, and he’s so emboldened by his position on the committee that he doesn’t even try to hide his lack of respect for constitutional procedure.

Secret meetings, denial of due process, mythical witnesses, hearsay over factual evidence, witnesses coached in advance, ignoring evidence from parties involved in the Ukrainian phone calls clearing Trump of any wrongdoing and a host of other procedural missteps that clearly brands the impeachment hearings as the biggest “Kangaroo Court” in U.S. history. Adolph Hitler couldn’t have done better himself.

The whole process was rigged from day one, and that’s the reason for private hearings tucked away in the basement out of reach of Republican representatives trying to protect due process.

If the leader of the free world can be denied due process, imagine your chances of being treated fairly in the courts. Due process is guaranteed in the Constitution, and Adam Schiff has been spitting in the face of justice since day one. The whole process is a sham since there is no presumption of innocence, which also makes the whole process illegal.

This alone should scare the hell out of you. The whole charade should be a wake-up call for America, and a reason to push for implementing term limits on all public offices. Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer and Nadler are prime examples of what happens when Congress is turned into a retirement home for corrupt politicians.

Regardless of how the impeachment goes, 2020 will be a make or break moment for our country. Either Trump will serve a second term, or the United States will be just another socialist dictatorship not unlike North Korea. It can’t go any other way.

Randy Brooks



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