Angel Tree program benefits seniors

Since there is no way to personally thank the people involved. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all individuals who donated items, food stuffs and clothing to the Silver Angel Tree Program for Christmas 2019, coordinated by Catholic Charities.

Thanks to the tremendous generosity of people in our community, a total of 46 “Angels,” under the auspices of five local agencies, received one to two requested items that they needed as well as one to two items they didn’t need but wanted to have.

It was truly heartwarming to experience the reactions of the recipients, all of which are elderly and with very limited income.

All of the recipients were overwhelmed with the gifts they received. One gentleman asked for a pair of socks “because I have to wash them out every night and sometimes they aren’t dry in the morning.” A generous donor gave him 48 pairs of socks and a stack of slippers; he was so overwhelmed that he could barely voice a shaky “thank you.”

A lady to whom we delivered cried and cried while trying to express her gratefulness for “the first Christmas present I’ve gotten in 20 years.”

Although I am not a West Virginia native, I am truly proud to be a transplant. The Elkins area is truly a caring and giving society. Thank you everyone!

Ronald M. Charny

Office Coordinator

Meals on Wheels of Randolph County