Hate and contempt on the rise in the U.S.

As I’ve said in previous letters, I consider myself an expert on hatred and the way it is shamelessly used and let me say that for the last two months especially I have seen enough hate and contempt to do any of us a lifetime. I don’t have enough boxes and buckets to hold the rhetoric and trash talk coming from those who still believe Trump stole and/or bought the presidency.

When this sham is over I can’t wait to see the reaction of those losers who haven’t gotten over their favorite gal’s loss to a loud mouth who is better than most in speaking off the cuff and doesn’t usually give anyone a pass. Do you remember the scathing remarks the president unleashed about George Conway, whose wife is Kellyanne Conway, a close adviser to the president? Well, it happened and she didn’t get mad and leave because of it. Maybe she felt he had it coming. It does show that no one is exempt from the president’s unflattering opinionating. He’s the only politician I can think of who will call a sleazebag a sleazebag on national TV.

Adam Shiff, in his remarks during the impeachment hearings, got away with lying in sentence after sentence. He later claimed he was merely trying to portray the essence of the content. You can believe that if you want to but I have concluded that this faux representative is simply trying to impress his local yokels (voters), attempting to stretch his 15 minutes of fame to 20 minutes and he’s in too deep to back out now. Also, I believe he’s in it for what he can get out of it and he apparently loves to hear himself talk.

Jerry Nadler is at this moment presenting a childish diatribe of the president and again emphasizing that no crime has to be present to impeach Trump; merely embarrassing some sensitive people, foreign or domestic, is sufficient.

I think what he’d really like to say, but is not allowed by Pelosi, in this case it’s the Democratic Party’s hatred of a man who, in spite of his brashness, has put our nation on a road to repair the damage that started with NAFTA in the 1990s and was horribly ravaged in the immediate preceding administration. Which proves that a “community organizer” is by far not qualified to be a nation organizer. What were they thinking when they re-elected Obama? I submit they weren’t thinking.

Harold Arbogast