Resident details meeting incident

The citizens of Belington have a right to know. Aaron Crummel was recently accused of reprehensible behavior at the Belington Civic Center. The acting mayor, Maureen Lasky-Setchell, had him served with a no trespassing order.

We asked if it would help if we wrote a statement about what several members of our family had witnessed at the Civic Center in 2018.

We wrote that during the game on Feb. 12, 2018, there was a question about a referee’s call. We heard a person yelling and saw her get out of the stands, walk across the court and begin cursing at the clock keeper. One coach brought his team across the court so they didn’t witness such behavior. It became so bad the police were called. That person was our acting mayor and Board of Parks member Maureen Lasky-Setchell.

Eight members of our family signed it, including my parents, Eddie and Jeanie Canterbury. The statement was read by Aaron to Belington City Council on Jan. 20. The mayor immediately denied it. Aaron admitted he did use some curse words but there were no children present and there seemed to be a double standard. He found out the Civic Center had installed security cameras and asked council for him to be allowed to watch the video. They agreed that Aaron, the mayor and the police chief should watch it.

After being called liars we went to the council meeting on Feb. 20 and heard a statement written by the clock keeper. She stated what our family had said was true and the mayor yelled and cursed at her like she was the devil himself.

The mayor tried to stop me from speaking but someone on Council said I had signed in and she could not stop me. I showed them a picture that was taken on the night in question and was posted to Facebook on that same date. It showed former City Police officer Tyler Harris standing in the Civic Center. It said how this game between 5-6 year-olds was intense, the officer was there because of someone acting crazy and the person’s grandson may have been the only one who scored. I showed them a picture of the scorebook — the mayor’s grandson was the only player who scored.

We felt the mayor owed our family and the council an apology. I asked council, was this the type of person you want on the Board of Parks, let alone be our mayor?

After hearing all of this the mayor said she had the police chief go to Barbour Com to pull the CAD and there wasn’t one, so it never happened and we were all lying. Tyler Harris was in the audience and one of the Council members asked if he went to the Civic Center because of the mayor. He replied yes, because of her and some others. The mayor accused him of lying because there wasn’t a CAD so it didn’t happen.

Discussions went back and forth until the mayor had the police clear the gallery. There were four people in attendance who never spoke but they were forced to leave. That is a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

We feel the citizens of Belington should know that our acting mayor seems to feel she can accuse others of improper behavior without evidence. It turns out that the security video was on a loop and starts over after six days and the time had passed to watch it. Even when confronted by multiple sources she seems to feel she can accuse respected members of the community as liars without any consequences.

Tammy Payne



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