Candidate has long history of service

As we head into the second month of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent state shutdown, it is becoming more evident than ever that it is imperative that we elect officials who represent us and stand up for what we need as a community.

I have watched as some senators and delegates at the state and national level have fought hard and offered resources to their constituents as we battled Workforce West Virginia back-ups, increased public rules created to keep us safe, and monies allocated to support our communities. I have seen others who have helped their big business donors and turn a blind eye to the needs of those they represent.

This pandemic has also highlighted those whose work is essential to our communities and lives. School personnel providing resources and meals to families, grocery store workers who stock shelves and make sure we have what we need to endure quarantine, mail delivery companies who help us get what we need, restaurant workers who offer meals to those who are doing their best to keep our community working, and of course our healthcare community who is able to do their best to keep everyone safe and healthy. These are groups of people that we need to remember and thank as we slowly return to normal.

Looking forward, listening to experts, there is a potential for another wave or outbreak. We need to learn from our mistakes and make sure that we elect those who will stand up for us and make sure that we are safe, healthy, and bills are paid no matter what crisis takes hold of our state and country.

This is why I ask that you consider a vote for Denise Campbell. As a nurse, she is prepared to know what the medical field needs to best serve us, both during an outbreak and when life is “normal.” As a parent, she has advocated for improved education, especially for students in Special Education, and is endorsed by the WV School Service Personnel Association, American Federation of Teachers, and West Virginia Education Association. She has also helped develop the Autism Center and supported an increase in the number of counselors and Social Workers, constantly fighting for our students.

We know that Denise is not just someone who talks the talk, but is someone who walks the walk. Her work as a West Virginia delegate showed that she was a champion for the working class. Her voting records show she was someone who voted for her community, regardless of party. She stands up and fights for our rights and that is why she has been endorsed by the United Steel Workers, United Mine Workers of America, AFL-CIO, and the WV Sheriff’s Association.

She has co-sponsored legislation that protects our seniors, veterans and the safety of our coal miners. Denise understands our community, she serves on many local boards and state boards. She has also spent her time working on the forefront during this pandemic, handing out meals, and educating nurses so that they can provide the best care to our most vulnerable population.

I ask that you take time to talk with her between now and Election Day. I’m convinced it will become clear that Denise Campbell is the best candidate to represent the 11th Senatorial District of West Virginia because she is someone who values the people of West Virginia above all else.

Ellen Shepherd



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