Candidate offers a ‘new deal’ for W.Va.

In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt enacted a “New Deal” in hopes of providing relief, reform, and recovery from The Great Depression. Many groundbreaking programs such as the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), the CWA (Civilian Works Administration), and the SSA (Social Security Administration) were developed during FDR’s first administration. They provided support for farmers, the unemployed, youth, and the elderly while putting new constraints and safeguards on the banking industry insuring there would not be a repeat depression. Roosevelt had a bold vision for America that worked for everyone. Stephen Smith and the WV Can’t Wait movement have that same bold vision for West Virginia.

Fast forward to 2020. Many of our current state politicians are telling us we must choose between our health and our bank account. This is the same lie that was told to miners in Matewan and more recently our teachers who went on strike for their healthcare. We live in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world and one of the wealthiest times in our state’s history, but we’re being robbed by poverty, addiction, racism, and large corporations like Amazon, Rockwool, and Frontier. It doesn’t have to be this way, but it’s going to take courageous, forward thinking actions.

Stephen Smith and WV Can’t Wait have more than 32 separate plans and 250 policy recommendations that will help shift the wealth and political power of our state back to the people. This “New Deal” will return more than $2 billion to our land, our neighbors, our local businesses, and our pocketbooks. Union workers and small business owners will lead the Department of Commerce. Teachers and service personnel will be in charge of education policies. Foster parents, people with disabilities, and veterans will run the Department of Health and Human Resources, and so on. Our people’s government will no longer be held hostage by corporate lobbyists and government bureaucrats. We must stand together to make sure that the West Virginians who work the hardest no longer bear the most.

Let’s protect the state’s most vulnerable, our children. Many attend schools starved of resources and live in homes torn apart by Big Pharma pill mills. They face a future of climate catastrophe, food insecurity, and hopelessness. Stephen Smith’s plans include the nation’s first wealth tax which would fund all of the state’s educational programs and guarantee a public education system that works for every child no matter their zip code.

The WV Primary is Tuesday, June 9. Be sure you’ve registered to vote and apply for your absentee ballot or make plans to vote in person. Together we can build a West Virginia that works for all of us.

For more information on Stephen Smith and WV Can’t Wait go to wvcantwait.com. To reach Stephen directly call 304-610-6512 or email stephen@wvcantwait.com.

Cindy Stemple

Randolph Can’t Wait


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