Reader supports Whitt for senator

I’d like to tell all you Republican readers about a good friend of mine. His name is Allen Whitt and he is challenging our sitting Sen. Shelley Moore Capito in the June 9 primary.

My friend in Buckhannon, Randy Brooks, had a great letter-to-the-editor published April 25 and I would like to congratulate Randy for his excellent summary of what we can expect from Allen and perhaps expand the reasons to vote for him.

My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting with Allen recently and we’ve never met a person running for office quite like him. Unlike the lies that roll out of the Washington Democrats’ mouths, Allen’s presentation is loaded with actual facts that can be verified easily.

He wants to unseat Capito because, if you pay attention to our representatives in both houses of Congress, some of them couldn’t pass a fact check because they obscured their true motives when running for office.

I tell you now readers, if you will just do a little research you will find that Senators Capito and Manchin support things they hid from us while campaigning.

This is not what you will get from Allen Whitt. His commitment is genuine and his heart is in the right place and I believe Washington needs him. Check it out and you will see the difference in a politician and an honest unwavering person who, like me, is fed up with the wishy-washy on Capitol Hill. Then go vote for God and Country and elect Allen Whitt. You won’t regret it.

Harold Arbogast



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