Controversy grows

Virginia Governor Northam has ordered the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Va. There have been at least 200 such actions in recent years. according to Wikipedia.

Jason Nichols, professor of African American Studies at the University of Maryland, said on TV (I personally saw it) that such monuments are supposed to stand for what we want to become, not what we were.

President Trump walked a few yards across Lafayette Square in defiance of the rioters and protesters. CNN and MSNBC went into orbit before he got there. The noise must have been horrific. Photo Op! Showing off! Endangering peaceful protesters! Trump stoops to a new low!

Then, Sleepy Joe Biden had a photo-op with George Floyd’s daughter in Houston. No doubt used campaign funds to take a jet from Jersey. Did you see the furor that caused? Did you watch as the gathering crowd hurled Molotov cocktails and bricks at Biden’s campaign personnel as they hurried him to a bullet-proof vehicle? Were you able to count how many protesters were overturning cars and setting them ablaze? Did you see any of this? Of course you didn’t. Why not? Because it didn’t happen!

Do you want to know why? It’s because Joe Biden will be bathed and diapered by the news media right up to Election Day, because he’s a Democrat and it matters not that his health has been slipping by the week, it seems. It’s all about thumping Trump and all weapons are legal.

I’m not done yet! As I’m typing this letter Dan Abrams is on FNC telling Bill Hemmer he’s not sure why A & E abruptly canceled his very popular “Live PD” show. Come on Dan, you’re only soft-soaping this in case they change their mind and reverse their decision. You know very well why. Won’t somebody stand up and scream “Enough?”

Just one more thing: In 2019. Marly Hazen, former Elkins councilwoman, wanted to change Robert E. Lee Avenue to Katherine Johnson Avenue, after a very bright mathematician. Almost no one liked the idea and some were very hateful.

It’s not my fight but I opposed it also. Not anymore. Get it out of there and anything else that can be remotely attached to prejudice and slavery. If you don’t, you will be denied zillions of federal dollars in upgrade grants or FEMA Grants and any other penny-ante thing. They’ve got you, languish and see.

Harold Arbogast



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