Official: Labor unions support BLM

North Central WV Labor Council, AFL-CIO, represents over 5,000 working men and women who are union members living in seven counties in north central West Virginia. We, as a labor council, support our black sisters and brothers in this fight for racial equality and justice.

Racial and economic inequality has plagued the black community for far too many centuries. With the ease of cell phone video, and the recording of horrid and tragic situations affecting people like Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin, the persistent racist underbelly of this nation we love has been exposed.

The AFL-CIO of the United States of America categorically rejects suppression of African Americans, and racism in all its forms. We support and stand by our legislative leaders who are walking the walk during this unsettling time, demanding the need for change.

We support our policemen and women in blue for the good work they do, and the protection they provide to the citizens of our spirited nation.

As we enter another general election season, we must remember to exercise our right to vote, especially by mail in the event of resurgence of COVID-19. Be confident that voting by U.S. Mail is safe, and according to statistics it is rarely affected by fraud. Plus, built in checks and balances in every county clerk’s system validates that each voter is eligible to vote before their vote is counted.

Support candidates that understand the importance of affordable healthcare, a quality education, preservation of civil rights, and social security benefits for retired Americans, as integral issues to the health of our nation. Know that it is important to vote for only those leaders who are genuinely interested in improving life for all Americans.

Geraldine Beckett


North Central WV Labor Council, AFL-CIO


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