Pastor says he was present among armed anti-protesters

With all due respect to those concerned with the armed response to the BLM rally, you must understand that these rallies have not gone well throughout the country!

Contrary to what was thought to be an out-of-town militia response, most of us that came or were prepared to be present were Randolph County residents. We were not prepared to be at the event for a confrontation, simply to make certain that what has taken place in other communities did not happen in Elkins.

We understand that the police were present; however, in other communities the police presence was not adequate so we chose to be there to insure the safety of our community. If BLM and antifa choose to come to our community, which are many out-of-town participants, we will be there as well! We will not allow our community to be destroyed by these violent groups!

Everyone needs to remember that we did not create this atmosphere of violence! If you choose to identify with a racist, radical, violent group like BLM, that’s fine, that is your freedom. If BLM wants to have a rally, that’s their freedom.

However, we made our point Sunday. If you are coming to Elkins you will be greeted by those of us that are prepared to protect our community from this violent group! We will not stand down as other communities have and watch our town be burned and looted!

As for me being a man of God promoting violence, I am also not the one who created this atmosphere of violence. I will say as a man of God I do not understand how other pastors can support groups such as BLM and antifa knowing full well they are bent on destroying our nation.

These groups do not like history, but the men and women of God would do well to remember who it was that called this nation to arms in the Revolutionary War.

The night of Paul Revere’s famous ride when he arrived in Lexington, Mass., he went to Pastor Robert Newman’s home where he met John Hancock and Samuel Adams. It was Pastor Robert Newman who lit the lantern in the tower of Christ Church signaling his congregation to take up arms and prepare for battle.

If racist, violent groups like BLM and antifa choose to come to Elkins they will once again be greeted by those who are prepared to protect our community!

Mike House



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