Reader unhappy with new voting facilities

My name is Judith A. Davis. I am a 78-year-old lady who went to vote with my husband in Coalton in the Roaring Creek District of Randolph County.

He pulled into the handicapped spot and was retrieving my roll-about from the trunk when a gentleman hollered and told him the voting place had been changed and would be held in the band room. We had no clue where the band room was; however, following the direction given to us, my husband moved our car to a lower parking lot.

A small flag fastened on the side of the building located where the polls were … nothing else, just the flag. I had to push my roll-about through some grass, step up twice before entering the building … only to be faced with several steps down to the voting machines.

Those who ran the polling place were most helpful and understood my dismay at: 1. Not being notified of the change; 2. Not having a suitable room for the handicapped; 3. Not having a handicapped parking space clearly marked; and 4. Where we had always voted was a much better site for the handicapped than where it was moved.

State Code 3-1-23 is most clear on a “suitable room” for the handicapped.

There is simply too much ‘turning a blind eye’ to the problems of the handicapped in every walk of life, and there is no excuse for it. It is the responsibility of the County Commission to see that these polls provide for us.

We have a new fire hall perhaps one mile away from the school which has lots of parking, has plenty of room inside for holding an election … plus it has restrooms … I didn’t see any at the school. Why is it not being used?

Thanks for your attention to this matter. I will be watching to see if any changes are made in November.

Judith A. Davis



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