Resident: Police brutality is common

Police brutality is not only a black offense, it occurs in our area against white poor people.

I’ve seen people who were arrested without any marks on them, but somehow when they got to the jail they were beaten up.

Yes, we have some good police, but we also have some punks, My son was arrested at my home and I told the deputies what was going on, that he needed help, and they told me that they would see that he got help.

Instead, they put handcuffs on him and when they put him in the patrol car they smacked his head into the car roof.

I guess the deputy man wanted to show the deputy woman who assisted him that he was a tough guy, But it only showed he was a punk.

For those who showed up at the Black Lives Matter event armed with weapons to stop a legal march should have been arrested, But no.

I served over eight years in the U.S. Army with a lot of different people and we were all there for one reason. That was because we love our country and we hate no one.

Lloyd D. Price



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