Close call in a blind curve

On June 28 at 1:30 p.m., my wife and I had just left Belington on Route 250 headed toward Route 33. With traffic headed toward Belington, there is a complete blind curve. As my wife and I headed into that curve, a police truck heading toward Belington passed a car in that blind curve.

Luckily, my wife was driving under the speed limit to take the curve safely. The police truck came remarkably close to hitting us head-on. My wife drove close to the guardrails to avoid being hit head-on.

Everything happened so fast that all I can remember is it was a black police truck with flashing blue lights around the windshield. I did not see any other markings on it.

With that said, I cannot report this officer to his supervisor, but hopefully, you will read this. Just what do you think you are doing? Having a badge does not give you the right to drive like that.

You could have killed four to five people with your stupid driving. There is no crime bad enough to kill innocent people. You were hired to protect the public.

I am pro police, but things like this turn people against the police. The days of the cowboy sheriff are over.

Charles Alwine



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