Reader baffled by public’s support

How can people support a president who has no leadership except lies? He has lied to us about COVID-19.

His lies are: We have one case. Then we have 15 cases. We have it under control. It will just go away when it gets warm. It will all be going away by Easter. We have control on it.

It is just a hoax put out by the Dems. If you wear a mask, it shows you are against me. It will just disappear. We just have to live with it.

If I hadn’t closed travel from China, it would have been worse. This was after I let 40,000 Chinese into the U.S. now we have over 130,000 Americans dead and the virus growing faster than a burning fire. And still no leadership from Trump.

Now we have Russia and Putin putting bounties on our American fighting men in Afghanistan, and Trump is calling it a hoax.

How can you keep supporting this dummy?

Lloyd Price



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