Who will keep up county cemeteries?

I am thinking today about the younger generation and what is going to happen once the older generation is gone.

I am involved in the upkeep of two country cemeteries, Kerns Cemetery at Sully and Kelly Mountain Cemetery near Elkins. They are both beautiful cemeteries. Both are nicely fenced and are in good repair. However, they both need to be mowed and trimmed at least five months out of the year. We have people who will do the work, but the money is not available to do what we need to do.

Seems the younger generation has no thoughts about what it takes to keep a cemetery going. This upkeep is a way to honor our family who have passed on. There is nothing worse than going to a cemetery to visit a loved one’s grave and finding grass knee high and flowers scattered all over. There are also families who bury loved ones and never think about making a donation to keep the cemetery beautiful. Every donation helps, big or small.

Please take time if you have a loved one buried at either of these cemeteries and make a donation. Lets respect those who have gone on before and help keep their graves in great repair. Donations may be mailed to Jean Knavenshue, 166 Knavenshue Lane, Elkins, WV 26241 or contact Glenda Schoonover Matthew at 304-636-3327, in the evening.

Glenda Schoonover Matthew



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