Elkins Make It Quiet member responds

In response to the article in The Inter-Mountain on Aug. 14, ‘Business groups offer comments on Noise Petition,’ the Elkins Make It Quiet (EMIQ) group noted that the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce, the Randolph County Development Authority and Elkins Main Street made similar comment in their letters: “Hamer is a vital employer, they recycle tons of sawdust, and they should be supported as a business.”

Elkins Make It Quiet agrees with all these points.

In fact, we have never said we wanted to shut down Hamer or interfere with their business practices. We would simply add that Hamer needs to be a good neighbor and do everything it can to mitigate the industrial drone that keeps people awake at night.

Even though they are meeting lawful, decibel standards, their noise affects Elkins residents negatively. The company has a responsibility to all of its stakeholders to mitigate their sound and create a more livable place for Elkins residents. If Hamer does nothing, the future does not look good for those Elkins residents affected by the noise.

The reason this issue keeps coming up again and again is that the noise gets louder and louder with new noises added from time to time. It has gotten so bad that residents who can afford to are moving away. Does that help the Elkins business community?

Hamer could follow the mission of Elkins Main Street, which is to bring the community together and forge a better future. Hamer should hire professional engineers who can analyze and mitigate their offending noises.

We are grateful that they replaced the back-up beepers on moving equipment with a quieter alternative. An engineer from the EMIQ group says it is very possible (and not that expensive) for Hamer to invest in further sound mitigation measures to help our community and become a better neighbor. That’s all we ask.

Katy McClane

Elkins Make It Quiet member


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