Great divide in America

I have a radio service that comes with most if not all new cars and decided to turn the dial over one spot from the Patriot Channel just to see what the other side was up to.

My jaw hit the ground when I heard that Trump was going to declare the election illegal if he lost and set up his own presidency in exile in his hotel and start an armed civil war.

They still refer to everything in the Steele Dossier (which has been proven to have been bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign) as gospel, and at that point I turned back to the real world.

I knew the two parties had drifted apart, but I didn’t realize how far. If the gulf keeps widening, where will we be in four years?

I challenge everyone to tune in to the other side for 15 minutes and let the readers know what you think.

Timothy M. Simmons



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