Reader amazed by national political scene

“We have met the enemy and they are ours…” Navy Commander Perry wrote the statement in 1813 just after he walloped the Royal Navy during the war of 1812, and sank or captured about a half-dozen British ships in the Battle of Lake Erie.

President Trump can do the same thing in November, metaphorically speaking. As I keep saying, I have followed politics since JFK’s election and nothing like what’s happening now has been recorded. It would take at least two Watergates to equal what we’re witnessing now. If Nixon had simply fired a dozen or two people immediately he could have finished his term. He wrongfully chose to join in a cover-up and was unable to continue his lying.

We’ve had the faux Mueller investigation, two SCOTUS confirmations during which Kavanaugh dressed down the Democrats and ate their lunch, just like justice Clarence Thomas did in the early 90s. I cheered then and after Kavanaugh’s outburst as well. That’s the hearing when Diane Feinstein said she had a letter she would reveal at the right time. “The letter” turned out to be worthless, just another accuser, but she played it up big as long as she could.

Just this week I watched the Democratic Party in the House try to skin AG William Barr, but not only did he show he has a tough hide, the Democrats acted like a class of unruly middle school students. They insulted him, cut him off a hundred times in mid-sentence with “that’s not what I asked you” or similar outbursts and were more than a little rude and I noticed that they have mastered a procedure whereby they can word a question in such a way that they can reveal their hate and disgust right along with the question. That takes talent, so I’m not sure they write the questions. Ghost writers abound, you know.

Finally, you could hear someone demanding time after time to put a mask on. I saw with my own eyes that Nadler was holding his mask against his face so loosely that it was ineffective. The straps were hanging down on both sides, but he was one of those hollering. Go get ’em, Trump. Strike now and watch them.

I have more to say, but space limits the size of the letters. Maybe soon.

Harold Arbogast



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