Reader: Exception needed for veterans

“There is no parallel parking on the street in front of your house.” Authority “Such and Such” says as a city, we are required to do it.

Find parking somewhere else in a safer place for your own safety.

“Such and Such” will put a handicap spot around the corner from your house in case one is needed. The handicapped can walk easily from this spot to enter your house. Authority “Such and Such” has determined that you will be much safer. Not only will you be safer, the removal of parking from in front of your house will conform with our Downtown Streetscape which all those on “Such and Such” Authority has “signed off on,” and everyone should know that no error is ever found in their decision once made.

Please do not complain. The decision to remove parking from in front of your house was made nine months ago. There were no “negative reactions” until now even if you do not recall anything advertised about it.

Does this sound unreal? It is very real but not to your house. Everything written above has occurred.

All parallel parking in front of H.W. Daniels American Legion has been removed. Dr. H.W. Daniels, an Elkins native, was killed in action in World War I. No parking yellow paint has replaced blue paint which allowed handicap parking for veterans. No parking in front of your house. Wounded or handicapped veterans wanting to enter the Legion must park somewhere else.

There are presently at least four handicapped war veterans on the Legion board of directors. Handicap parking is graciously made available around the corner. If a handicapped veteran wants to enter the Legion establishment and he/she is fortunate enough to have a handicap slot available, they must walk or be pushed in their wheelchair around the corner.

“Such and Such” Authority rules dictate they are safer.

“The decision to make the no parking changes was supported by the city’s operations manager, police chief and fire chief.” (The Inter-Mountain, Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020) This decision, to say the least, should be considered to be a real disservice to our handicapped veterans who gave so much to us by their service.

To rectify this error, the yellow paint representing no parking in front of the American Legion should be changed to blue.

Sometimes there are exceptions to the rules of “Such and Such.” This is one of them.

John Vallenlonga



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