Reader senses despair across the country

I sense the despair in the Black Lives Matter protests about the police action against our neighbors because of their skin and how I escape such discrimination because of my skin. It is our country’s despair.

I feel the despair of having a president that ratchets up every day his grasp for authoritarian power. He is destroying our post office because he is afraid of our votes.

Every evening I listen to what Trump has done and probably will do and I think no. No. He can’t do that, to both. And then the next night I discover that he did do what I was sure he couldn’t do because it was against the law. He did and continues to do all the things I am sure are illegal. And he gets away with it because no one is able to stop him.

So I don’t know what I can do to stop the police from getting away with murder. Nor do I know how to stop the president from getting away with taking over our country. What can I do except vote?

Thom Keely



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