Election a wake-up call for America?

America, here’s your wake-up call. I’ve seen America at her best, and now her worst, but if Joe Biden ends up as president, you’re going to see how low the greatest nation on earth can sink. Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago and several other Democrat-controlled cities are a barometer for what we can expect under Joe Biden’s administration.

In 1974, Bachman-Turner Overdrive released their “Not Fragile” album which included their hit single, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.” This single could be the theme song for Joe Biden’s campaign for a socialist America. The song brings to mind the Democrats’ evil agenda, the destruction of America.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Biden’s mental train jumped the tracks long ago, but for one brief moment, he regained consciousness just long enough to call for an end to the needless destruction caused by BLM and ANTIFA. But his lights went out again, blaming President Trump for the violence.

It’s hardcore Democrats like these that led our nation to where we are today. If you follow their lead, you’ll end up neck deep in the rat-infested, D.C. swamp, up to your chin whiskers wondering how the hell you got there. When you go to the polls in November, and I mean actually “go” to the polls, ponder this.

Biden is a puppet, a front-man for an elaborate scheme to install one of their own in the White House. Here’s what will happen. They’ll get Biden elected, declare him incompetent, move Harris up, move Pelosi to the VP’s seat, Harris will step down and Pelosi will become president. It could happen.

We’ve already seen the House Democrats’ massive abuse of power and corruption. Trump has to go or they’re toast. A.G. Barr is carrying out investigations as we speak to discover the scope of corruption in government. If Trump gets back in, it’s game over for Pelosi and several others. Heads will roll, as they should.

Here’s a word of advice for Christians. Get to the polls and vote for Trump. You’ve seen what’s happening to our churches. The writing’s on the wall, people. Read it.

Alan Talbott



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