Pandemic inspires many questions

As new information comes out, it is revealed more and more that Trump actually knew the full severity of what this virus would play on our country, our lives, our very way of living. He just chose to not care. He just chose to believe that it would only affect Democrat states and he could put all of the blame on them.

Trump intentionally let this virus run rampant because he thought it would do him some good in the polls! And the Republican Senators, including our very own Sen. Capito, knew what he was capable of, that he was utterly incapable of handling this crisis, and yet they allowed him to stay in power. This is all on them, and we need to make them pay for it, and the first step is to vote them all out this November.

To every Trumpcake out there reading this, this next part is not for you. So, just stop reading now and go make your outraged response already. This next part isn’t even for fellow Democrats like myself, but they are free to keep reading to see if I make a good point. This next part is for the non-voters/third party voters, who looked at the 2016 presidential election as no big deal, who took a long and hard look at Hillary Clinton and decided that she would not be any different than Trump.

Tell me … how did that prediction work out? Ever in your wildest imagination, in your worst nightmare, have you envisioned an America with Hillary Clinton as president we would be facing 200,000 dead from a virus? An economy collapsing and a loss of jobs that takes us to Great Depression era levels? Was the absolute worse you imagined come to pass or did 2020 alone go far beyond even that?

If the answer is the latter part, then I can only hope that means you are ready or already have taken this year’s election as seriously as it needs to be. I hope it means that you have realized that you can never take anything a Republican says about a Democrat as truth ever again. I hope that it means that you will never take for granted the tremendous weight of responsibilities that comes from being president of the United States.

I do not care if Biden was not your first choice, second choice or even made it into your top five. He was not for me but even then I know what was at stake. We can not take another four years of the Trumpian nightmare that has been inflicted upon us. Vote for Biden-Harris as though your life depended on it, and with a death toll that surpasses other countries, it does.

Edward S. Brenwalt



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